Superb Mini Server


SMS stands for Superb Mini Server. A Linux operating system console based and manageable through Webmin  web-based interface... Although described as a mini server, have all the features of a powerful server such as apache2, sendmail, postfix, spamassassin, clamav, squid, iptables, MailScanner, mysql, cups and lot of other server packages.

SMS also features TorrentFlux, a powerful php based bit torrent client that can be managed from anywhere, making this server not only server administrators interest, but simple users too that want to download torrents safe and secure.

SMS is based on Slackware 14.0 (Since version 2.0.0).

This server runs from a live CD or installed on a hard disk through slackware's text installer.

-SMS-  Superb Mini Server © 2016
More Screenshots and an Italian review are available here
A more recent english review available here & here
SMS at Distrowatch here

(05/10/2016) SMS version 2.0.9 is released!   changelog   announcement

(03/05/2015) SMS version 2.0.8 is released!   changelog   announcement

(07/06/2014) SMS version 2.0.7 is released!   changelog   announcement
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